About us

Custom Fleet, New Zealand’s premier vehicle and equipment leasing company, has looked after Kiwi businesses for more than 20 years and currently leases or manages around 30,000 vehicles and pieces of commercial equipment across the country.

As industry leaders, we offer next generation fleet analytics and data benchmarking tools, ensuring our customers get the very best productivity from their fleet, including assisting customers to understand where efficiencies and cost savings can be made.

Custom Fleet’s local experience is complemented by the extensive global presence of our parent company, Element Financial Corporation – one of the world’s leading fleet management and commercial leasing companies.

Element has formed a global alliance with Paris based Arval, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas.  This partnership means, the Element-Arval Global Alliance is capable of managing fleets in more than 40 countries worldwide.

What we offer

At Custom Fleet, we are a specialist fleet lease and fleet management services provider and can provide tailored, flexible and competitive leasing and management solutions to New Zealand businesses.

Our experienced team know that balancing your operational needs and business requirements can at times be difficult.  We understand the need to upscale quickly to meet project demand, but also the necessity for flexibility when business revenue is contract based.  We are ready with a practical real world solution that provides affordable and easily accessible leasing and fleet management solutions.

We give you choice:

  • Choose your lease terms
  • Tailor your kilometre limits based on expected usage
  • Try fixing your costs to smooth cash flow and provide certainty in your budget