Fleet Management

We make it our business to help you keep your fleet vehicles operating efficiently by ensuring your fleet works for you, both on the road and within your budget. As one of the world’s leading fleet management specialists, our Fleet Management Service will help you get the most from your fleet.

What we offer

With our international track record in fleet management, you can trust Custom Fleet to help you drive the best possible performance from your fleet, whether your priority is to cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint, upsize or downsize your fleet, our knowledge of fleet solutions will deliver benefits to your business.

We start out by gaining a good understanding of your business, reviewing your systems and processes before advising how to best manage your fleet. We are at the forefront in tracking industry trends and developments and can offer insights on opportunities impacting your business.

Our Fleet Management service can help deliver cost savings and streamline your reporting systems with better forecasting, lower administration costs and the best structure for your fleet.

DriverCarePlus is an interactive driver risk management & coaching platform, designed to help organisations create the infrastructure for a long term road safety solution.

DriverCarePlus can help you manage occupational road risks, resulting in:

  • A reduced number of collisions & injuries
  • Compliance with your duty of care obligations to your drivers

We have put customer feedback and our global experience of managing over 1 million cars to work, to develop an online Fleet Management system that delivers to your needs.

Fleet Office is a customisable and easy to use system that gives you greater transparency and more control over your fleet management cycle, with immediate access to trends and analytics important to your business. Fleet Office bundles all the different aspects of managing a fleet into one intuitive, comprehensive and efficient system that is simple and easy to navigate.

How will Fleet Office help me?

Fleet Office will put four helpful applications at your fingertips which will help make quoting, ordering, managing and analysis simpler and faster.

Your business will have access to near real-time information and simplified reporting across a range of metrics that can be customised to suit your needs, and help improve performance and maximise the efficiency of your fleet.

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The Fuel Cards we offer are widely accepted by more than 1,000 service stations nationwide and give you the added benefit of working with one supplier for all of your fleet requirements.

You can choose from three user options for your drivers:

  • Fuel & Oil – All fuels including petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG and lubricant products.
  • Fuel, Oil & Washes – All fuels, lubricant products and standard car washes.
  • All Products – All products sold through merchants to a pre-established dollar limit.

Centralised Billing and Administration

Fuel Cards eliminate the need for processing individual fuel receipts as all your fuel costs will be billed on your monthly Custom Fleet invoice. Efficient online facilities and personal service provided by your dedicated Account Manager will ease your administration burden and save you time.

Real Savings

Based on our combined buying power, you benefit from fuel discounts we have negotiated and no transaction fees which mean lower costs to keep your fleet on the road.

Key Solutions is a comprehensive fleet review process led by a team of highly skilled professionals that can change the way you operate your fleet.

Key Solutions examines and benchmarks the different cost components of running your fleet across multiple dimensions including; vehicle type, company division, age and kilometres.

This enables us to focus on the total cost of ownership, not just the lease rate – uncovering cost savings which could otherwise be overlooked.

We consult with you to understand in detail what you need your fleet to do, and make recommendations that are specific, relevant and tailored for you.

We are experienced in the potential operational, financial, HR, and fleet policy implications of any changes we recommend and work with you to determine which ideas could be achieved quickly, and which might take more time to realise.

Once we have agreed on the savings you can implement, we help you set key milestones, and regularly track your progress through our Strategic Review process.

Through our Repair Authorisation Centre, our qualified fleet controllers ensure appropriate maintenance and servicing is carried out on your vehicles. And our specially negotiated rates are applied to drive your costs down.

Our pool vehicle management solution allows the management of drivers, vehicles and other mobile assets across multiple pools, geographic locations and cost centres. This easy to use, calendar based system provides all the features required to manage your drivers and pool vehicles.

This includes:

  • role based access
  • vehicle check in/out
  • utilisation
  • billing by cost centre
  • and vehicle policy management.

You may find yourself in a situation where you’ve broken down, locked your keys in the car or have a flat battery.

One of the benefits of our fleet management and fully maintained leases is the inclusion of Roadside Assistance. Simply call the Custom Fleet 24 hour driver support line on 0800 11 63 63 and we’ll get you back on the road as soon as we possibly can.

For most situations, we can fix the problem at the roadside allowing you to be safely on your way in no time. If the situation is more complex, we can provide you with the expertise and support needed to have your vehicle transported to the nearest place for repair.

Tracking technology is helping to revolutionise fleet management.

Custom Fleet partners with the industry’s best tracking technology and communications providers for the most comprehensive telematics solutions.

Telematics systems use wireless devices to transmit and collect data about how a vehicle is operating. It can also identify driving characteristics, such as speeding, heavy braking or acceleration, and through diagnostics it can predict maintenance requirements - potentially reducing costly future repairs and risk.

Custom Fleet will analyse your fleet, make recommendations, and set up a telematics system based on your business needs.


Custom Fleet’s Fleet Management solution provides your business with various benefits allowing you to concentrate on your business.

This solution can offer:

  • Real cost reductions due to our purchasing power and market experience
  • Savings from maintenance management systems and processes
  • Reduced administration costs through one consolidated monthly invoice
  • Recommendations and expertise to help maximise asset performance and functionality
  • Meaningful reporting systems to identify issues, exceptions and practical solutions.
  • More time to focus on your core business

Fleet Services

We can even add the following fleet management services to your lease only agreement, to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.

We offer a 24 hour service, New Zealand wide. This means we can help drivers when they need it most, and will take over the management of the incident to reduce the burden on you.
Custom Fleet Fuel Cards will give you flexibility, control and value. Pay a single monthly fee and get online access to reporting and card management.
We manage the re-registration of vehicles, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about.
If you find you have the need for additional vehicles throughout the lease period for example, if your vehicle is off the road or you require an additional vehicle for contract staff, new hires or a new project – we can help. We have arrangements with various car rental companies who have vehicles available at a daily or monthly rate.
We save you the time and hassle of finding a vehicle, and selling it after the lease has ended.